On 19 December 2017, India notified the WTO’s Committee on Safeguards that it initiated on 19 December 2017 a safeguard investigation on solar cells, whether or not assembled in modules or panels.

In the notification India indicated, among other things, as follows:

“All interested parties may make their views known within a period of 30 days from the date of the notice issued by the Director General (Safeguards) to:

The Director General (Safeguards)
Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan: 2nd Floor,
Bhai Vir Singh Marg,
Gole Market, New Delhi-110 001, INDIA.
Telefax: 011-23741542/23741537
E-mail: dgsafeguards@nic.in

All known interested parties including the known exporters in the subject countries, the Government of the subject countries through their Embassy in India, the importers and users in India have been addressed separately by the office of the Director General (Safeguards).

Any other party to the investigation who wishes to be considered as an interested party may submit its request so as to reach the Director General (Safeguards) on the aforementioned address within 15 days from the date of the aforesaid date of issuance of the notice by the Director General (Safeguards).”

Further information is available in G/SG/N/6/IND/44.

What is a safeguard investigation?

A safeguard investigation seeks to determine whether increased imports of a product are causing, or is threatening to cause, serious injury to a domestic industry.

During a safeguard investigation, importers, exporters and other interested parties may present evidence and views and respond to the presentations of other parties.

A WTO member may take a safeguard action (i.e. restrict imports of a product temporarily) only if the increased imports of the product are found to be causing, or threatening to cause, serious injury.

Source: wto.org