TBT Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

attached to the Department of Science, Technology and Environment

by the Office of Technology Development Manager in charge of the following tasks:

1. Mission to inform the Vietnam TBT Office:

a) Actively reviewing findings and inform the Vietnam TBT Office documents technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures in the management of the likely barriers to trade for WTO members;

b) Time limit for notification of draft technical legislation and conformity assessment procedures mentioned above at least 65 days prior to release

c) Inform the Vietnam TBT Office of the agreements or bilateral agreements, multilateral, signed by the Government or the competent signed by text related to technical regulations, standards and assessment process conformity within the jurisdiction of the Ministry; acceptance of the agencies or organizations to standardize the compliance with the Code of Good Practice in the development, promulgation and application of standards.

2. Inquiry tasks:

a) Receive and respond to questions and information relating to the enactment and application of technical legislation, standards and conformity assessment procedures of the Ministry upon request transfer from TBT Vietnam or other agencies, organizations and individuals at home and abroad;

b) Send the Vietnam TBT Office questions or requests for documents of agencies and organizations under its management on technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures of the countries related to the activities of the Ministry;

c) To receive and transfer of TBT notifications of WTO member countries to the relevant unit in the Ministry, including attention to the exporters of goods in the case are likely to be sued for TBT under its management by fax or email within 24 hours on working days from receipt of notice from the Vietnam TBT Office.

3. Strict compliance professional inquiry notice and under the guidance of the Vietnam TBT Office.

4. Study and propose measures for resources with the direct management to ensure efficient operation.

5. Participate in international cooperation activities related to the implementation of the transparency obligations of the TBT Agreement as proposed by the Vietnam TBT Office and assigned by the management body directly.

Department of Science, Technology and Environment